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  1. Facilitate talkbacks, pre-show and post-show workshops for Education and Outreach Groups and NYC Public Schools focusing on storytelling, musical theatre, dance or acting related to Mary Poppins and The Lion King.

  2. Produced The Jungle Book KIDS with 3-5 grade at PS 209Q, PS 9Q (District 75), and PS 186X (District 75) and provided artistic support to school faculty while facilitating student workshops to increase musical theatre proficiency.

  3. Currently producing Winnie the Pooh KIDS with 2-4 grade at P94M (District 75) and Aladdin with 3-5 grade at PS5X in the Bronx.

  4. Facilitated national 2 day intensive training of Teaching Artists for Disney Musical In Schools methodology and pedagogy at Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

  1. Teaching Artist for Autism Outreach Program in conjunction with The Royal Shakespeare Company summer residency at The Armory.

  2. Implemented NYC school outreach pre-show and post-show workshops and talkbacks for Comedy of Errors and Hamlet designed to enhance student engagement with the performance.

Students at PS201 and P9 in Clearview Gardens, Queens perform

The Jungle Book KIDS

Kindergarteners work together to make a tableaux of a bus with their bodies.

Students reflect on anonymous, non-traditional self-portraits of classmates.

    1. Teach 2-3 grade general and special education classes at PS159X focusing on integrating theatre arts in the the New York State Department of Education curriculum.

    2. Creative Arts Coach for NYC DOE Teachers focusing on integrating the arts into their individual subject’s curriculum.

    1. Teaching Artist for Parents as Arts Partners Program.

    2. Co-facilitator of The Career Development Program two week intensive “Boot Camp” that exposes selected students to the many career options in the arts through training and internship programs.

    3. Presented Voice of Success Workshop to interns.

    1. Facilitate and create TDF Stage Doors curriculum that develops a series of eight workshops designed to prepare students for an informed, engaged theatergoing experience to selected Broadway shows.  (The Scottsboro Boys, A Boy and His Soul, The Nightmare Story, The Blue Flower)

    2. Implement and create original storytelling curriculum focused on a theme related to Storyteller performance.

    3. Consultant for team of Teaching Artists working with students on the Autism Spectrum

    1. Teaching Artist for Everyday Arts and Special Education Program (EASE).

    2. Responsible for implementing and modeling best practices for teachers and students on how to incorporate the arts into everyday education.

    3. Project Manager and Coordinator for CASTA Forum 2011.

Valuable Resources

Students at Susan B. Wagner High School on Staten Island create a tableaux representing a scene from The Scottsboro Boys.

Teachers playing “Scarves” which provides sensory and visual stimulation through encouraging group interactions & partner play.

    1. Master Teaching Artist for Literature to Life Arts Integration Residency Programs for NYC Schools.

    2. Facilitator of local and national pre-show and post-show interactive discussions based on Literature to Life’s one man show adaptation’s of significant American Literature.

Replica of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Theatre built in The Armory

Summer 2011

  1. Instructor of Curriculum Development for Non-Traditional Settings for Teaching Artists and Arts Administrators

  2. The course investigates how students can negotiate the complex role of being both a teacher and an artist in and out of multiple settings. (E.g. a one-shot workshop, a 2-24 week residency, after school programs, as well as other settings) Materials and methods are explored within the application of drama structures and activities as tools for enlivening any curriculum, by building motivation, classroom community and collaborative exchange.

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